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The Following Services are Free of Charge with No Obligation!

Sometimes, life doesn't seem fair. As the premier pregnancy medical center in Las Vegas, we care about you and your abortion decision. You may not need an abortion -- your period may be late or your pregnancy may end naturally -- we can check using the latest medical technology free of charge!

Right now, you probably have many questions, such as:

1) Am I really pregnant?
We offer free high-sensitivity lab-quality pregnancy tests with immediate results and no obligation whatsoever. You may not need an abortion! Your period may just be late, or you may miscarry. About 25% of all pregnancies end naturally in miscarriage. Come in for a free medical consultation.

2) What are my options?
Surgical abortion may seem like the only solution for you, but there are other options. You may not need the pain and cost of a surgical abortion. Call or stop by and let us help you in your time of need.

3) What are my risks associated with abortion?
Abortion is a medical procedure with associated physical and mental risks. You may be able to avoid the pain and cost of abortion if your pregnancy is likely to end naturally by miscarriage. Call or stop by for more information.



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