If you are considering adoption, we can answer questions you may have. Although we are not an adoption agency, we can refer you to a qualified agency and support you through the entire process.

The decision to consider adoption is the beginning of a process that you control. Nothing legal or binding can be done prior to the birth of your baby.

As you make your decision a few questions for you to consider are:

Q: How might adoption benefit me? A: A few ways may be: -You can pursue earlier goals and plans -You will not have to parent prematurely -You would have the freedom to choose if you want to have a long-term relationship with the baby's father

Q: Is adoption permanent? A: Yes. Once placed, the child becomes permanently and legally a member of the adoptive family with full rights to inheritance and a lifetime family relationship.

Q: Do you give referrals to adoption agencies? A: Yes we do. There are several agencies to which we can refer you.

To explore adoption further, please call us to set up an appointment.